Mobile Repair
          24/7 Mobile Truck, Trailer & Tire Repair, Diagnostics and Fleet Repair
Flint, Michigan
We offer 24/7/365 heavy duty mobile repair in Flint, MI and its surrounding areas. Our mobile services include, but are not limited to: 

- Tires (new, used, recap)
- Air brakes and components
- DOT's
- Regens
- Cooling Systems
- Electrical
- Leaks
- No-Starts
- Hydraulics
- Shop Service in Brighton Should All Else Fail

Please click the number at the top of this page to call directly from the site for emergency or shop services!
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Roadside semi repair is a dangerous and often thankless business, a necessary evil to most involved. At First Gear Fleet Service we strive for a fast, complete, professional and fairly priced experience for each and every client in need, each and every time. This working promise has kept us at the top of the repair list for many of the continents largest trucking and leasing companies.